NovelRank Enterprise Edition

Track sales, rank, and pricing on Amazon sites worldwide; even on your competitor's products.

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Tracking Over Time

Trends give you deep insights into product value and popularity.

Charts and Tables

Numerous views available for analysing and viewing the data.

Live Demo

Give it a try before you buy. Resets monthly, so don't wait to test it out.

Enterprise Features

Any Product, Any Domain

Supports,,,,,,,,, and domains across all product categories.

Hourly Sales Rank Tracking

All non-free products have a dynamic sales rank after their first sale. It changes hourly based on direct sales and sales of other products in its category.

Sales Estimates

The number of product sales are estimated based on changes in sales rank. Accuracy is higher for less popular products due to limitations of Amazon's sales rank algorithm.

Tracking Queue

The software maintains a queue that automatically checks for tracking (sales rank) to become available on new domains and for pre-first-sale products you track.

Bulk Upload

Instead of tracking products one search at a time, you can copy and paste thousands of individual UPCs, EANs, or ASINs into the system for automatic tracking.

Advanced Item Management

The administrative section offers many top-level features for managing the products being tracked including: updating product images, inactivating products, deleting items permanently, and seeing which products are under-performing.


$ 4999 / month

500 Products

Hosted Server

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Private Web Address
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • 5 Minute Configuration
  • No Additional Fees
$ 6999 / month

1,000 Products

Hosted Server

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Private Web Address
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • 5 Minute Configuration
  • No Additional Fees
$ 109 / month

2,500 Products

Hosted Server

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Private Web Address
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • 5 Minute Configuration
  • No Additional Fees
$ 799 .00

20,000 Products

Full Software

  • One-Time Fee
  • Data Privacy
  • 30-day Email Support
  • Easy Installation Guides
  • Signed Contract


"We've been using NovelRank for months and love it. It is the best market research tool for sellers on Amazon. It is helpful in gauging the amount of investment we want to put into a new product line, or researching why our sales have risen/fallen."
— MyHealthStores

"If anyone is serious about the business of making money with Amazon, I strongly recommend purchasing NovelRank Enterprise... Product history is really nice because it tells you if it is worth investing for the long term versus just investing seasonally. "
— Matthew V. C.

Installation Guides

Required Amazon Credentials

NovelRank Enterprise Edition uses the Amazon Product Advertising API. The following items will be requested during configuration of your server:

General Guide (full software)

Download the General Setup Guide PDF for configuring your Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP5 server. Server requirements:
  • Apache Mods: Rewrite and Headers
  • PHP Extensions: cURL, SimpleXML, and json
  • Linux Packages: PHP-CLI
Optional Guide: Setup remote access to your server's MySQL database (PDF).

Testing Your Server (full software)

Test your existing server configuration: Download this zip file and unzip 'servercheck.php' onto your web server's root directory. View the file through your web browser to check for any compatibility issues.

Ubuntu 14.04 (full software)
TurnKey & Amazon EC2

These step-by-step guides help setup the server or two of the most common platforms available.

NovelRank Software

For Authors

Six years (and counting) of research to help authors track books and build the foundation for the rest of the software family.

Enterprise Edition
All Products

Enterprise Edition

Track product trends over time. This is deep research into your productst and future revenue opportunities.

Buy Box Research
For Sellers

Buy Box Research

You have a product sheet with tons of UPC codes. Where do you start? Discover which ones are opportunities with just a copy & paste.